About the Actualism category

Welcome to our forum! This is the place to discuss anything and everything actualism-related.


To categorize a post, each topic requires at least one tag. Not sure which tag to use? Use the guide blow:

  • introduction: Introduce yourself! Say hi, let us know how you came across actualism and what your interest is.
  • diary: For short- or long-form diary or journal entries, for either constant or one-off reporting of your progress or regress on the path.
  • experience-report: Share personal experiences you had that particularly stand out, and get guidance on how to understand and use them effectively.
  • question: Not sure what an Excellence Experience is or what “PCE” refers to? Having trouble understanding an aspect of the practice? This is for questions seeking clarification or understanding about actualism and any of its related aspects.
  • objection: Does something about actualism seem off? Do you find yourself disagreeing, either mildly or strongly, with what is being presented here? This is the area to voice these objections and see if a fellow human being can help you resolve them.
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