About chats

I have created this topic in order to unify the existing and future ones related to this subject.

As some users requested in order to experiment with it, I have just installed Babble, the chat plugin.
You can use it through the icon that, at least in the desktop version, you will find at the bottom left of the screen:


I wrote a test message already.
If you like, provide your feedback and thoughts here

It appears to not be working - I’ve tried sending two msgs and it is stuck loading


On discourse forum it is marked as ‘broken-plugin’, maybe it is not a great solution after all :frowning:

Yes, I saw that…

Hey guys, not sure about anyway else but I’ve been using Slack for one-one-chats lately.

I’m aware some people are new so just letting ya know that whilst I do check the forum it’s easier to get me there.