13 November Get-Together

This is the link to the get together.

Alan is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Time: Nov 13, 2021 21:00 London
Los Angeles 1300
Florida/Cancun 1600
CET 2200
Perth 0500 (Sunday)
Sydney 0800 (Sunday)

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Please only post organisational questions/details here

It looks like there is a fair bit of enthusiasm for the video chat which is great :grin::grin:. It may be that we have more participants than optimal - marvellous - but it could cause a few difficulties in communication. Much as I dislike rules it may be necessary to make some suggestions:

It is preferable to use headphones/microphone to avoid feedback.
Please mute your microphone before/when joining unless talking and lower when finishing speaking
If you wish to contribute or ask a question raise the hand rather than interrupt. The person speaking chooses who replies or continues. I do not intend to be an arbiter. If necessary I do have the power to mute and lower hands. It will only be used if considered absolutely necessary.
If your question has been answered or you no longer have something to say please lower the hand.
Guide HERE

Clicking “chat” on the drop down menu (depending on platform) allows posting of private or public messages in the chat room. Please use this to communicate – maybe ask a question, say you have an answer, reply or comment and raise hand if you wish to elaborate/ask.

There will have to be a bit of trial and error.

For those of you who are concerned I might be in danger of ‘leading’ the group, especially those who have previously experienced my ‘group leader’ persona, I am hopeful that two particular actualists will join us. Both are very good at spotting me ‘leading’ and one is an expert. He will not let me get away with it lol. There is also a currently active member who is down on me like a ton of bricks :+1: if I so much as show a flicker of control/responsibility. Don’t know if he is joining.

As for the possibility of my being ‘stern’ (a la Vineeto :rofl:) or ‘harsh’, that is always possible (as has happened in chat already). I tend to say things which provoke reactions. However no one **EVER ** ‘ends up in the ‘hot seat’ without their full compliance and of course they can leave at anytime if things get too ‘hot’. I never (now​:wink:) set out with the intention of upsetting anyone, far from it. If someone shows emotional reaction I tend to be drawn in like there’s a bright red light flashing. I am by no means saying this will happen. It would only occur (in the absence of the ‘group leader’) if I were feeling at least very good. Of course we all have a big secret we are desperate to hide - an innocent remark or suggestion can feel like the most violent assault on ones deepest sense of ‘being’.

Have fun.

I would like this to be what each of us experiences tomorrow.

Sitting with friends, utterly relaxed and noticing that there was no personal agenda whatsoever, no plan to stir the conversation into a particular direction, nothing to emphasize or hide, no self-centredness or favouritism, no shame, shyness, embarrassment, no power or drive – just being as I was. Sitting in this group, as one of many, my sole interest was that everyone present (including me as one of those present) enjoyed themselves/ obtained the maximum benefit from our meeting.”
(Apologies to Vineeto)

“Stop video” displays your profile picture so be warned. It can be changed/deleted at anytime, including during the chat. “Start picture” shows live camera.

Would anyone like to have a 10-15 minute practice session before the chat starts?

  • Yes, please
  • No, thanks
  • Maybe

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Hey everyone,

I’m posting this in both threads related to the Zoom call. Alan won’t be able to make it today as he had to go to the hospital for due to some complications related to his cancer. I’m not sure what this means for the video call today.

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