Richard has passed away

Interesting that I was considering this same thing yesterday, especially the bit about being called to action (in a way where one cannot turn away) and yet there is no obligation or drive.
It struck me as being such a paradox and yet making complete sense (experientially), that one cannot help but act in a particular way and yet one is free - there is something very magical in this.

One cannot help but act in line with perfection and purity, perhaps because underneath all the illusion and delusion it is one’s very character.

Also reading this seemed to have the same effect on me, yesterday evening this deep appreciation began devolving into sorrow but when I read your post this morning it all flipped upside down. Indeed “it’s always been supposed to be like this”, as in Richard paved the way to an actual freedom for the rest of human kind, he was never meant to stay behind indefinitely and ‘be in charge of the operations’ haha. Actual freedom is now solidly in the human experience, it is up to us now to do the next step.


Vineeto has put up the chat with Claudiu on AFT…It has some intresting details…

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“Now I am thinking that when he died it is no longer shared physically, I am the only one experiencing it and this experience is overwhelming.” -Vineeto

So what happened to Peter?

I think only she experiences it because she is the only person living the full actual freedom (meaning of life). Richard mentioned something like a circuit being formed when she became fully free and there was one man and woman that was fully free when that happened. But could be that I’m interpreting it wrong too.


I have been experiencing a rapid unfolding as well beginning roughly June 1st and with a recent acceleration. It is increasingly breathtaking to be taking part in life and the universe


So Peter is not “fully free”? I don’t think I’ve heard of this distinction between free and fully free before.

After the first batch of pioneers became newly free in 2010, it became clear that although they were in fact actually free from the instinctual passions and the feeling-being formed thereof, there was still a distinction between their experience of being alive and Richard’s.

Thus were terms introduced to properly delineate these distinctions:

  • newly free / basically free / basic actual freedom / peace-on-earth actual freedom
  • fully free / full actual freedom / meaning-of-life actual freedom

In hindsight Richard also experienced these two phases, with his period of “peace-on-earth actual freedom” taking thirty months:

RICHARD: For instance, a couple of months ago a person of Indian birth and upbringing flew into Coolangatta Airport late one night on a prearranged agreement to meet in person so as to talk about her life and to gain clarity in her life-style/ her livelihood situation.

Less than 24 hours after landing she was actually free of blind nature’s instinctual passions/the feeling-being formed thereof.

In other words, the person who landed at the airport (that feeling being who needed to gain clarity in her life-style/ her livelihood situation) vanished without a trace, in a matter of seconds, the following afternoon.

She is now living the ‘peace-on-earth’ actual freedom (as per the reports on The Actual Freedom Trust website) which will, after a suitable transitional period of acclimatisation and accommodation and accustomisation (which period took 30+ months for me all those years ago), presumably also segue into the ‘meaning-of-life’ actual freedom (as per the reports on The Actual Freedom Trust website), and which is known colloquially as the ‘magical wonderland’ (a fairy tale-like pristine paradise where peerless purity abounds), given the requisite pure intent, of course.
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Thus far only Vineeto has succeeded in becoming fully free after Richard. She’s written about various experiences she had on the path to doing so over the years – you can read about some of it in her correspondences with newly free people: Vineeto Latest Correspondence – 2013 .