Pure Intent

@JonnyPitt What caused your current connection to pure intent to come about?

I could only speculate

Sorry I figured u meant what motivated me to find it. That i would rather not speculate on publicly. But i made the connection because i wanted to. And ive kept it because each time i lose it, i go back and find it again.

The best way I know to find it is to remember the purity of a pce which I do have a memory of.

What I find is that the purity is always here for the taking but it is ‘me’ who blocks it. Usually because ‘I’ am more concerned with whatever the latest scheme/drama ‘I’ have going on. The bottom line is that ‘I’ do not maintain that connection because ‘I’ don’t want to haha. It’s all rather simple actually :joy:

It’s kind of like there are 2 ways to travel, there is the way towards purity where none of ‘my’ cherished schemes exist (because they are not needed). And there is the way towards more of the same, because ‘I’ feel that it is in some way required. To allow purity is for ‘me’ to get out of the way, but do ‘I’ want to get out of the way?

It seems there is no other way than to arrive at the conclusion (with the entirety of ‘my’ being) that it only makes sense to proceed towards the purity. There I am not :grin:

Although most of the day today the connection has been live and all is well, it’s funny actually because it seems it’s only a matter of time before ‘I’ find something to convince ‘myself’ that there is ‘danger imminent’. How hard is it to accept that all is forever well hey :man_shrugging:


Yeah this really is so super weird :rofl:…it’s clear that experiencing purity n stillness is just way superior yet somehow the other way of travel keeps convincing that it’s the natural way hence the authentic way…


I find reflecting on a recent trigger and the resulting emotions while being aware of PI and the connection to it is a good way to see how valuable PI really is. You begin to trust it so to speak. It is PI that is doing the work of chipping away. And you can trust it to do that work better than you can. That may help break up self. Weaken it’s grip.

Similarly though not the same, experiencing just how vast PI is and comparing that to how narrow and self centered being is may help


Yes this is it, it’s like “wait I can really go about the world without any fear etc, this can’t be right!” :joy:

And then when purity is being allowed there is such a safety all around. But there is always that little ‘what if’ lurking around the corner, it’s how ‘I’ worm my way back in haha.

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This is interesting, I thought about it and I don’t think I ever do this. It seems when I am in that place where all is well I don’t want to chance ‘going back there’ by reflecting on triggers etc. It’s like I am enjoying the holiday away from the burden of ‘being’, although there is still ‘being’ but it’s a lot more light and fluffy.

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Some of most informative stuff is experiencing strong emotions while connected to that purity !


Anyone notice a difference between the connection to purity and the purity itself?