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What pages from the AFT website(or others dealing with neurobiology etc.) have you found most helpful in your AF practise?
Please post links to them.

Hi Kiman - nothing in particular comes to mind, but there’s some interesting material that’s worth at least a skim which comes up when you enter >> neuro << into Bing’s search bar.

Apart from the article This Moment of Being Alive, and Vineeto’s contributions regarding investigation, the only thing that comes to mind as particularly important, even instrumental, in ‘my’ success, is Richard’s correspondence with James: Mailing List 'B' Respondent No. 39


Just curious as to why use Bing instead of Chrome.

Is it the same @jamesjjoo we have here?

Aside from it being the default search engine on Microsoft Edge’s browser which is lighter and faster than Chrome, one’s more likely to be satisfied with the return hits for ‘offensive disabled jokes’ in Bing than in Google.

But generally, Google is fine.

Also I remember coming into contact with the limitations of Google for certain things one night when trying to locate original first-hand source material of the bizarre Qanon movement that was picking up steam in far right circles in the USA around the time of the last presidential election. Couldn’t do it. Switched to Bing and located what I was searching for on the first page. Google was apparently routing all searches pertaining to that controversial topic through approved information distribution channels in the mainstream media rather than linking directly to the crazies that were generating the content in the first place. I wasn’t interested in what The New York Times ‘reported’ about the drivel, I wanted to read the drivel for myself and Google wasn’t having that.

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I’ve found this page quite helpful in clarifying exactly what Actual Freedom is on about

Attentiveness, Sensuousness, Apperception

This is very useful as well

Descriptions of PCEs

And I’ve gotten a great deal of motivation out of reading & re-reading the descriptions of becoming free over & over again.


I have “copy pasted” for myself, various quotes from slack and AF site
and I try to re-read them on daily basis
here is the link:

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see below