Burnt Toast: Part 2

I find this odd to say as (presuming the narrator is reliable) the result of the incident was the actual flesh and blood body that gave birth to him actually getting stabbed and actually dying.

His experience of it was not actual.

I’m not sure what would be worse: telling him he should’ve liked and enjoyed watching his progenitor getting stabbed to death or telling him it didn’t actually happen.

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I vaguely remember Richard saying that he no longer enjoyed and appreciated after becoming actually free. I could be wrong. If so then this would just be another passing event.

No it’s quite the opposite! For one example only:

Note: asking how one is experiencing this moment of being alive is not the actualism method; consistently enjoying and appreciating this moment of being alive is what the actualism method is. And this is because the actualism method is all about consciously and knowingly imitating life in the actual world. Also, by virtue of proceeding in this manner the means to the end – an ongoing enjoyment and appreciation – are no different to the end itself.

This Moment Of Being Alive

You probably are thinking of this (emphasis added):

RESPONDENT: For you, it [happiness] definitely is not [a feeling]. So what is it? Can it be sensed by physical senses? Do you see, smell, hear or touch happiness?

RICHARD: I have not felt happy for years and years … here lies perfection. Living here in this actual world there is a seeing, smelling, touching, tasting and hearing of the purity of the infinitude of this material universe for the twenty four hours of the day. It is a sensate experiencing – apperceptive awareness – and cannot be felt affectively. If one minimises the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ feelings (as explained above) and activates the felicitous/ innocuous feelings – happiness, delight, joie de vivre/ bonhomie, friendliness, amiability and so on – in conjunction with sensuousness, then the ensuing sense of amazement, marvel and wonder can result in apperceptiveness. If it does not … then one is way ahead of normal human expectations anyway as the aim is to enjoy and appreciate being here now for as much as is possible.

It is a win/win situation.

Selected Correspondence: Happy

If it’s just another passing event, that would mean that the incident had to have happened, non?

Yes the incident happened, I was not questioning that. This all started by me trying to convey to @rick how an actually free person would experience this incident in the actual world. I can only imagine how Richard would experience it.

Richard has replied to this post, his response is available here: Ricard replies to Rick's "Burnt Toast" Posts .