Neighbour is claiming a part of my land as his and not cooperating to get it surveyed. He declines to be present at the site when the surveyor comes.
Whatever may have been the situation I was in, the thing is I was pissed by his passive bullying so much that I want to kill him.

This is the kind of scenario that confront us with our most primitive aspects. One of those that have convinced me of the need to stop being, because they patently show the impossibility of eliminating this type of emotions without eliminating ourselves, since when the right stimulus appears they sweep away all the barriers that we have patiently built and rebuilt to try to contain and weaken them.


May be Richard would kill him if the other person continued being a scumbag when he could get away with it. Why not?

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In the actual world, literally every outcome and action is on the table. Richard talks about the willingness to fight a war if the (hypothetically free) citizens of a country determine it is the best thing to do. It is better to fight a war than to just allow another country to kill everyone, as pacifists argue.

It doesn’t make actual sense to just let bullies always win.

This is territory that one must be careful in. Complete freedom. When it is ‘my’ complete freedom, it is used for ‘my’ own ends. That is sociopathy.

Ensure a strong connection to pure intent. Then, it’s a wild world to explore!!

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