Alan Izatt Legacy

:hibiscus: The Actualism Traveling Podcast, soon coming near you! :hibiscus:


It would honestly be fantastic to have more R+V video/audio, if they would go for it



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Maybe we can open a new thread in here to talk about various ideas that might be helpful !

Portugal is a lot closer to France! It’s very pretty here. But there is not any fully free people on these lands … … … yet ;D


I was wondering if it would make sense to use part of this money to compensate AFT to make the
AFT Video’s that are only in DVD format into other format ( e.g. downloadable ) or even public ?

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The videos belong to Richard & Vineeto, so you’d have to have permission from them to do anything with the videos. You can email Vineeto to ask and I can give you that email address if you’d like.

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It might be more sensible if other people on this forum think that is a good idea, and then, we can
approach Vineeto with this idea as a group .

Thanks henry :appreciation:

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Lovely to see Alan’s wishes being discussed.

There is obviously the expenses that Richard and Vinetto have running the AFT to consider.

We could also ask them if re- publishing there media ( on demand individual book publishing is a thing now) is a possibility.

We have also discussed having a wiki with extensive topic linking. A “choose your own adventure” matrix of actualism juiciness.


I really think having the discussions of @geoffrey and @Srinath organised on different topics would be great. Something like the AFT. Obviously with their permission.

@geoffrey the obsession with things being perfect with all the latest gear reminds me of Richard. When @claudiu and I were organising a snippet of one of their videos, the quality was always a hot topic. Basically, full HD or nothing!!!

You must be closer to fully free heh? Obsession with trying to transmit the actual world via technology.:rofl:

Is it a possibility to utilize some of these funds for @hunterad’s chatbot? It seems like it doesn’t cost a huge amount for the low amount of volume, but that would relieve Hunter of the concern and perhaps allow it to be more powerful.

It seems to me at minimum a superior way to find quotes/sources on the AFT than google. That makes it worth its keep.


FYI its around 2 dollars a day currently to run at present usage levels.

Still want to explore ways to reduce costs without losing the performance though.

@hunterad I think it’s a fine use of the AIAFF to fund the development of this, at least for the time being. I’m happy to commit $100 for now and we see how long it goes

In general makes sense to see how to lower the cost still!

What’s the current fee per prompt?

Right now only me and @Dona are directors and we have a general agreement that for small sums we don’t need to hold a vote, so consider it committed :slight_smile:

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Ok cool! It is charged per token, which is either an individual word or a part of a word. gpt-4o costs 5$ per 1m tokens of input, and 15$ per 1m tokens of output.

A typical prompt + response seems to end up costing around 15 cents, mostly from reading lots of sources which adds to the input tokens.

The way I would attempt to lower cost would be to get it working at the same level with gpt-3.5 turbo, which has such a small charge per token that I could easily fund the project running on my own. It may be possible and it may not be :slight_smile: